Crystal Lake

First off: I didn’t know how many Crystal Lakes there were in the PNW until I tried to Google our destination just south of Cataldo, ID. If you instead search for Crystal Lake Wilderness Study Area you’ll get a better idea of where you’re going. This was the first backpacking trip Aaron & I tookContinue reading “Crystal Lake”

Triangle Lake

Although crowded during the 4th of July weekend, Triangle Lake is a family favorite in my neck of the woods. An easy hike with lots of campsites makes a great weekend getaway for you, the kids and the dogs! Located in the Caribou Wilderness within Lassen National Forest, Triangle Lake is just 2 hours eastContinue reading “Triangle Lake”

Tangle Blue Lake

Possibly my favorite backpacking destination so far, Tangle Blue is a secret treasure hidden in the Trinity Alps Wilderness of Northern California. But this breathtaking mountain lake can’t be taken freely – it has to be earned with blood, sweat, and possibly tears. First of all, I’d like to mention that the dirt road toContinue reading “Tangle Blue Lake”