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  • Squashta Salad – Recipe

    Squashta Salad – Recipe

    Enjoy the fruits of your labor with this delicious garden-fresh salad that comes together in less than half an hour. You could even tie a copy to this recipe to the zucchini you’ll throw at unsuspecting friends and neighbors all summer long!

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  • What to Grow in an Heirloom Children’s Garden

    What to Grow in an Heirloom Children’s Garden

    During the 2021 season I was able to grow a few veggies in my son’s play yard that he enjoyed immensely. Can you say instant snack? This year I’m enlarging his garden area and I’m even installing a few small raised beds for us to play in now that he is a little older. These…

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  • WRH Vlog #1: In Which Leroy Eats Huckleberries

    My stepdad was so tickled when I told him, “Leroy has been huckleberry picking, but he has never picked huckleberries.” What I mean is that last year, at the ripe age of four months old, my mom and I took my son on his first berry-picking excursion on a mission to supply a gallon of…

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  • The Growing Zone Paradigm

    The Growing Zone Paradigm

    Contrary to popular belief your growing zone means almost nothing to your vegetable garden in North America. What?? Bear with me and by the end of this post I’m sure you’ll agree. Just a few years ago when I really delved into gardening – spending hours poring over five-star growing guides and watching breakout channels…

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  • Mixed Berry Cupcakes – Recipe

    Mixed Berry Cupcakes – Recipe

    After much trial and error I have finally recreated the best cake I’ve ever had – inspired by my sister’s wedding cake (the recipe for which is closely guarded and wasn’t available to a lowly home baker such as myself), a luxurious huckleberry-infused white cake that tastes like it’s straight from heaven. Moist and fluffy,…

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