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  • Hearty Sourdough Multigrain Bread

    Hearty Sourdough Multigrain Bread

    Do you love the sweet and nutty chewiness of a whole wheat loaf of bread, but want to leaven it with sourdough? Look no further. While I use a homemade seed mix, Bob’s Red Mill makes a nut & seed mix that can be added to any bread recipe for a hearty dose of heart-healthy…

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  • Lazy Sourdough Starter

    Lazy Sourdough Starter

    This is a perfect way to maintain your sourdough starter without it taking over your life! It spends most of the time in the fridge in a small jar, but it's always available if you need it. When baking with it always remember to reserve at least 50 grams of starter to keep it going.

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  • Garden Minestrone

    Garden Minestrone

    This soup is a great way to use up some of those pesky zucchini hanging around from the growing season. Even if you don't have home-grown ingredients I promise this will be the best minestrone you've ever tasted!

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  • InstantPot Plain Yogurt

    InstantPot Plain Yogurt

    This plain yogurt recipe can be flavored in any way you like! Choose the fermentation time which best suits your taste: less time being more like traditional yogurt – thinner and milder – with longer fermentation times producing something more like Greek yogurt.

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  • Rosemary Olive Oil Sourdough

    Rosemary Olive Oil Sourdough

    If you have a good, strong sourdough starter and some fresh rosemary available I highly recommend trying this recipe. We served it with spaghetti and a side salad and it was pure heaven!

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  • No-Knead Sourdough English Muffins

    No-Knead Sourdough English Muffins

    To successfully bake most of these no-knead sourdough recipes you'll need a nice vigorous starter. I feed mine and leave it on the counter so I know it's ready for baking. If you're bringing yours out of hibernation, I suggest feeding it two to three times before baking.

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  • Bountiful Bouillon – Master Stock Recipe

    Bountiful Bouillon – Master Stock Recipe

    Toss whatever you can into the Instant Pot for an amazing, healthy homemade broth good for stewing, broiling, or upset tummies!

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  • Whole Chicken Stock

    Whole Chicken Stock

    Dunk all these wholesome ingredients into a pressure cooker for a fantastic, easy soup base!

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  • Dry Sourdough Starter

    Dry Sourdough Starter

    Mix up this convenient "dry" starter for long-term storage. Whether you want to take a break from baking, go on vacation or simply reduce the number of feedings your starter requires, this method may be for you!

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  • Huckleberry Scones

    Huckleberry Scones

    Any kind of berries can be substituted โ€“ frozen berries hold their shape better than fresh! Makes about 18 scones.

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  • Huckleberry Milkshakes

    Huckleberry Milkshakes

    You'll never be the same! For best results use wild foraged huckleberries that have been washed and frozen.

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  • Sourdough Bread Starter

    Sourdough Bread Starter

    Create a flavorful, renewable source of natural yeast with just two ingredients! This printable recipe contains all the information you need to go from fresh starter to baking day and beyond.

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  • Blackleberry Jam

    A berry-lover's dream come true! The unique flavor of huckleberries pair wonderfully with blackberry juice in this delightful jam. You can incorporate additional granulated sugar for a more traditional-tasting spread.

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  • Honey Wheat Homemade Bread

    Honey Wheat Homemade Bread

    This delightfully simple loaf can be enjoyed as is or used as a base recipe for many artisan breads.

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  • Whole Grain Bread Mix

    This heart-healthy blend of wonderful seeds and grains can be added to any bread recipe whether oven or machine baked. I keep a large quantity mixed up and ready for easy access.

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