How I Organize my Garden Seeds

Welcome (or welcome back) to the cabin! I’m sitting down with a cup of tea and my seed purchases for the 2023 season to chat with you about what I’m most excited to grow this year as well as how I organize my seed stash.

I did do some hapless department store seed shopping, but this year I tried to stick to only what I needed to round out my vegetable garden as well as selecting some flowers to transform my patch into the cottage-inspired space I’d like it to be. The larger ticket items I was in need of this year were alliums, paste tomatoes, greens, and herbs. I went through a lot of these seeds in prior years and I needed to round out my stock for this year not just for my personal garden but for the seedlings that I sell around town in the spring.

I shop mainly for heirloom vegetable seeds, and I would love if you would visit our Affiliations page to see which brands we use and love here on the homestead, and which give back to us through referrals!

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